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What my clients are saying




New Year Better You Package

It has been absolutely brilliant! I have learned so much and the small changes I have been able to make have made a huge difference. The best thing has been how Chloe has spent time researching my individual issues and giving me detailed explanations as well as clear guidance on what to do. I would highly recommend the 8 week program to anyone and in fact have already referred a number of people.


Initial Consultation

I was so happy with my consultation with Chloe. She was very thorough and knowledgeable and covered so much in the initial consultation. She followed the session up with recipe suggestions and lots of information by email. I felt motivated and inspired and hope that in time, my nutrition will improve and I will feel better for it too. Thank you!

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The Support Package

When I first came to see Chloe, I was feeling that my eating habits were out of control. I was highly stressed and often had low mood because of this. My body image was at an all time low. My hormones were getting the better of me and I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. I knew something had to change but none of the diets and lifestyle changes I’d attempted had made any difference and I hadn’t been able to stick consistently to anything.

Working with Chloe has been life-changing. I have described the way she has transformed the way I eat and nourish my body as ‘magic’, because it really does feel that it’s all happened so easily and effortlessly! Chloe’s approach is so calm and proactive. It’s a very positive and evidence-based programme, and one which is sustainable, flexible and adaptable to the hectic life I lead. I particularly liked the personalised written advice and feedback, as it’s so clear and easy to refer back to.


Six months on and I am still following the principles Chloe has given me. I feel completely in control of my nutrition, by body and my self-image. I strongly recommend this wonderful path to anyone who want to change their relationship with food…for life!


The Wellness Package

My biggest challenge was to open up with details on health/lifestyle with a stranger, but Chloe soon made it very easy to discuss putting me at ease and feeling that I was talking to a friend!



The Starter Package

My biggest concern at first was that the cost, time, effort and changes might all come to nothing and I’d still feel the same.


It’s been a pleasure to work with you - it was clear immediately that you know your subject very well and it inspired confidence. From your suggestions at the first meeting I felt better within days and it’s only improved as I’ve implemented further changes. I’m also grateful for the supplements that aid accidental dairy digestion - I tested them at the weekend after a latte mishap and they work!


I would happily recommend you to a friend and assure them that it might be a comitted and tricky journey but it is well worth it


My gut problems have improved so much that they don’t trouble me day to day any more - only very occasionally. Plus, I now have the tools to adjust things should they go downhill again



The Starter Package

I wish I’d found Chloe earlier.

I’m 55, menopausal, constantly battling to lose weight and my mindset is not the best. After starting exercise again and speaking to my PT, she directed me to Chloe to get advice about diet and supplements. I had a free consultation to discuss my options and whether it was suitable for me.


I was unsure if diet could help, but after the first meeting I felt that I was going to get a lot out of signing up with making improvement with my diet due to Chloe’s knowledge and relaxed discussion we had. Chloe was also able to advise me with what supplements I can take along with the medication I am taking, which was great as I have not had the option before with my doctors never being able to give advice. 


My favourite part of the programme/service was understanding how the different foods can help with changing your eating habits, types of snacks, eating more of certain foods, not calorie counting and mindful eating.


I’d recommend Chloe due to being very knowledgeable, professional, making it an enjoyable experience and you learn a lot over the meetings.

Nutritional therapy has helped me with improving my mindset, I’ve lost weight and feel loads better mentally and physically. I am now a month into my new eating habits, taking supplements, feeling good, enjoying my food. You have to put the work in to get the gains, but well worth getting Chloe’s advice.

Image by Ella Olsson
Image by Brooke Lark


Initial Consultation

Chloe was very easy to talk to and knowledgeable of my condition. She helped me work out a diet that was easy to follow and that I continue to follow.


With Chloe’s help I have managed to avoid prescription medication , instead using diet and supplements to support and calm what was a very broken digestive system .


I am very grateful to Chloe for her continued support.


The Starter Package

This has been the most informative consultation I have had during my 10 years of digestive problems!

Image by Mariana Medvedeva
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