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 Isle Health and Chloe Adam Nutrition have come together to provide a 12-week, hormone specific support programme, combining both nutrition and exercise specialist coaching to help you reach your health goals, balance your hormones and improve your quality of life!


What to expect?

This package is all about feeling empowered, balancing your hormones, and regaining your strength, while making sure you feel fully supported throughout your journey.  

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Meet Your Coaches

Your team consists of a nutrition specialist and exercise specialist. 

We are here to give you the support you need to make a positive change!

This package is designed to offer nutrition and lifestyle interventions paired with specifically created exercise plans by an exercise specialist, designed to suit your personal goals and level of fitness.

Whats Included?

Nutritional Support

  • 4 online nutrition session (totalling 2 hours)

  • Nutritional education

  • Nutrition plan

  • Food diary reviews

  • Addressing goals & barriers

  • Recipes

Exercise Support

  • Two 45-minute weekly sessions

  • True Coach App to allow for home or gym workouts

  • Isle Health Community Facebook group access

  • Resistance band bundle

  • Weekly check-in with Megan 

It's time to invest in you and invest in your health! Be the happy, healthy and strong you that you deserve to be!

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