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Nutritional Therapy and the Functional Medicine Model work together to address the root cause of symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy focuses on making positive changes to your eating patters, food and lifestyles. It is based around an individual and personalised approach. 


This is done by assessing any biochemical imbalances in the body as a whole. The body is made up of many interconnected systems, from digestion to detoxification, and they each need to work harmoniously for the body to function efficiently. There are many different factors, such as hormones, hydration, environmental toxins and the foods that we are eating that can influence and disrupt these balances, which may lead to a variety of different symptoms. 

Everyone is unique. We each have a different set of genetics, lead different lifestyles, have different food preferences and have different health goals. This means that there is no 'one size fits all' diet.   

During your nutritional therapy session, we will create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help restore and rebalance the body, in a way that suits your body function, lifestyle and helps you to achieve your health goals.







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