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  • Suffer with digestive complaints?

  • Feel unhappy with your weight? 

  • Put up with allergies?

  • Endure regular cravings?

  • Have rollercoaster mood swings?

  • Feel conscious of your skin health? 

  • Experience brain fog?

  • Feel fatigued and tired? 

Having to deal with any of these on a daily basis is tiring, stressful and most of all frustrating!


Many different factors can play a role in contributing to symptoms like these such as our hormones, toxin exposure, environment and the foods we eat. 

I use the functional medicine model and evidenced-based practice to assess the root cause of symptoms and create personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support your health concerns and get you back to feeling happy and healthy.

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Let me first ask, do you..


The body is made up of many interconnected systems, from digestion to detoxification, and they each need to work harmoniously for the body to function efficiently. There are many different factors, such as hormones, hydration, environmental toxins and the foods that we are eating that can influence and disrupt these balances and may lead to many different symptoms. 

Nutritional therapy assesses these different areas, using the functional medicine approach, to create personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions to help restore and rebalance the body in a way that suits your body function, lifestyle and helps you to achieve your health goals. 








I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and work with clients on a one-to-one basis using the Functional Medicine Model. This means that I look at the person as a whole, taking into consideration you as an individual including influences throughout your lifespan and family history to help to identify and address the root cause of symptoms. 

My goal and passion is to help individuals to achieve their health goals, make positive changes in their lives and ultimately provide the opportunity to strive for optimum health.

My special interests include digestive health, healthy weight loss, skin health and women's hormones. 


Please get in touch and introduce yourself and let's start the road to a healthier and happier life!

Chloe Adam Nutritional Therapist

Success stories from my clients

It has been absolutely brilliant! I have learned so much and the small changes I have been able to make have made a huge difference. The best thing has been how Chloe has spent time researching my individual issues and giving me detailed explanations as well as clear guidance on what to do. I would highly recommend the 8 week program to anyone and in fact have already referred a number of people."


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